Reactoonz 2 is an engaging and innovative online slot game from the renowned game developer, Play’n Go.

Delving into the Reactoonz 2 Gameplay

From glowing power orbs to electrifying wilds, the special features of Reactoonz 2 are truly a sight to behold.

Background and Development

Introduced in 2020 as a sequel to the original Reactoonz, the game quickly gained traction among players worldwide due to its appealing graphics, exhilarating gameplay, and intriguing set of features. Reactoonz 2 reflects Play’n Go’s commitment to providing immersive gaming experiences.

Navigating the Game Interface

The interface of Reactoonz 2 is beautifully designed, encapsulating the whimsical theme of the game. The grid is 7×7, populated by cute, animated extraterrestrials. The player’s main goal is to cluster these creatures in specific patterns to unleash their power.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

The mechanics of Reactoonz 2 revolve around creating clusters of five or more identical aliens, which are then removed from the grid, allowing new aliens to drop down. Special features can be triggered, which can lead to more substantial wins. The cascading reels mechanic adds another layer of excitement to the gameplay, creating a lively and dynamic experience.

Symbols and paytable

Fluctometer and Quantumeter

These two unique features set Reactoonz 2 apart from many other slot games. The Fluctometer charges when you form a winning cluster with fluctuating symbols, offering a chance to create two electric wilds when it’s full. The Quantumeter, on the other hand, charges with electric wilds, unleashing powerful Energoon and Gargantoon wilds on the grid when fully charged.

Wild Pair Explosion

This special feature is triggered when two or more electric wilds are left on the grid after all cascades and quantumeter charges. This can lead to all remaining symbols on the grid being removed or transformed into another symbol.

Strategies for Winning Big in Reactoonz 2

In the world of online slots, Reactoonz 2 can seem daunting due to its multiple features and mechanics. But fear not! With the right strategies, you can boost your chances of big wins.

Understanding Reactoonz 2 Volatility

Like any slot game, understanding the volatility is key to playing smartly. Reactoonz 2 is considered a high-volatility game, meaning payouts can be substantial but not very frequent. Therefore, careful budget management is crucial to enjoy the game without exhausting your resources quickly.

Harnessing the Power of Special Features

Reactoonz 2’s special features can be your best allies in the quest for big wins. Mastering the functionality of the Fluctometer and Quantumeter, for instance, can drastically increase your winning potential.

Comparing Reactoonz 1 and Reactoonz 2

Key Similarities

Both games utilize a cascading grid play area and share a delightful cast of alien characters.

Key Differences

Reactoonz 2 introduces new features like the Electric Wild and Quantumeter, adding more depth to the gameplay.

Why Reactoonz 2 is Worth Playing

Reactoonz 2 captures the essence of an exciting, feature-rich slot game. The engaging gameplay, immersive graphics, and plethora of features make it worth playing.

The Magic of Reactoonz 2’s Graphics and Sounds

A large part of the appeal of Reactoonz 2 comes from its captivating graphics and sound design. The game’s visuals are vibrant and colorful, with a cartoonish style that brings its adorable alien characters to life. From their lively animations to their amusing reactions to wins and special features, these aliens add a dash of humor and charm to every play session.

The game’s sound design is equally impressive. The futuristic, upbeat music sets the perfect mood for an exciting gaming experience, while the sound effects accompanying the gameplay add a layer of immersion that keeps players engaged.


Reactoonz 2 provides a stellar gaming experience. Its whimsical characters, innovative game mechanics, and rich set of features make it a standout in the online gaming landscape. So, if you’re looking for a gaming experience that’s engaging, thrilling, and visually striking, give Reactoonz 2 a spin and see if you can charge up your own Quantumeter for the win!


What is the Return to Player (RTP) of Reactoonz 2?

The RTP of Reactoonz 2 is approximately 96.2

What is the maximum win on Reactoonz 2?

The maximum win on Reactoonz 2 is 5083 times your stake. However, achieving this requires optimal utilization of the game’s special features.

What makes Reactoonz 2 different from other slot games?

Reactoonz 2 offers a unique gameplay experience with its cascading 7×7 grid and unique features like Electric Wilds and the Quantumeter. These features make it stand out from traditional slot games.

Is there any strategy for winning in Reactoonz 2?

Understanding the grid, characters, and game mechanics can enhance your gaming strategy. Utilizing features like Electric Wilds and the Quantumeter can significantly increase chances of winning.

What are the key differences between Reactoonz 1 and Reactoonz 2?

While both games share a delightful cast of alien characters, Reactoonz 2 introduces new features such as the Electric Wild and Quantumeter, which add more depth to the gameplay.

Is Reactoonz 2 suitable for beginners?

Yes, Reactoonz 2 is beginner-friendly. The gameplay might seem complex at first glance, but once you understand the mechanics, it’s easy to get the hang of it.

Where can I play Reactoonz 2?

Reactoonz 2 is available on various online casino platforms that host games from the Play’n Go developer. Always ensure to use trusted and licensed platforms for a safe gaming experience.